Welcome to the newest vinyl wrap compnay in the Kansas City area.  Our
family bussinesses have been in Kansas City for over 25 years in many
successful areas.  We are very excited about our newest addition to the
family business, FOTO-WRAP.  Foto wrap is a vinyl wrap product that can
be applied to metal, glass, brick, wood or just about any surface you can
think of.  This product is used mostly for the advertising of your business
and/or products by use on tractor trailer, automotive, and corporate fleets.  
This product can also be used for interior or exterior walls and to show off
your hobbies or family photos.  Due to our dedication to customer service
and the quality of our products, we believe you will choose our family for
your FOTO-WRAP needs.  Call now for personalized service that sets us
apart from the others.

For more information 816-231-4578